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Clean cleaning:

1. How to clean the ceramic products? Please use neutral detergent washing or dry soft cloth scrub. All kinds of ceramic surface especially R Angle in use do not affect beautiful at the time of the glaze to abrasion, request when use don't want to other container in ceramic surface friction, in order to avoid scratch glaze. Such as toilet water tank using "LanJie spirit" here, have to use 4 layer gauze wrap it, lest the undissolved "LanJie spirit" residue will block the lavatory flushing hole. Some users use half a year later found that flushing performance gradually decreases, often because of undissolved "LanJie spirit remains blocked the water tank of the" in and out of the gate. For lavatory fill valve rubber water stop, where water quality is not very good, easy to aging and failure must often take out the washing, at least once every march.

2. How to clean metal products? Please rinse with water faucet with a soft cotton cloth to wipe dry, do not use any abrasive action of the detergents, cloth or paper towel, and contains any acidic detergent, polishing abrasive or rough content such as detergent or soap, wipe the bibcock surface. Due to normal use of all kinds of shampoo, shower gel and so on long-term survival in chrome plated surface gloss surface degradation can make tap and directly affect the surface quality of parts. Please use soft cloth to clean once a week at least hardware that surface, it is best to use a neutral detergent, such as be, etc. For hard to remove the dirties, dirty on the surface of membrane, stains, etc., please use the mild liquid soap, colorless glass cleaning fluid or excluding the wear effect of polishing liquid and so on clean, bibcock and then use clean water to remove all detergent and soft cloth to wipe dry.

3. How to clean the bath products? Under normal circumstances please use neutral detergent or soap and water clean. With liquid detergent to remove stubborn stains on the non-slip design. For bathtub anticorrosive trace, mercurochrome stains such as using alcohol to wipe away first, then use liquid detergent to clean. Waxes for handwriting, shoe polish and wax mark stains use industrial alcohol to wipe the first, then use liquid detergent to clean. Oil type oil, please use hard nylon brush wipe, and liquid detergent to clean. Please do not use the microfiber cloth cleaning bath, or you will make the bottom layer and surface enamel scrape.

4. How to clean the massage bathtub products? Suggest using granular detergent can be mixed with water to clean the massage bath crock, avoid to use cleaner for ceramic tile or enamel surface. Please do not put containers of liquid soap for a long time in the bath surface, do not use spray or thickening agent or other similar cleaning supplies. Please do not make nail polish, nail oil and water, dry liquid detergent, acetone, to come into contact with an acrylic surface lacquer agent or other solvents. Corrosive cleaner will stay in yakeli the surface damage, pay attention to thoroughly clean after each use an acrylic surface, do not let the cleaner into the circulatory system