Ann Peter's mission: to make out of China he wei yu international high quality brand, to become an international sanitary ware industry standards makers.

Ann Peter vision: for they strive for a strong, prosperous and Ann for brand become a worldwide brand.

Brand culture: take comfort, and care for each other.

Team values: enterprise is everyone's, team effort, can make enterprise development.

Business philosophy: the value product, with love to need the crowd, make its use comfort and ease.

Enterprise each person as a member of the family, the employee and enterprise is to solve the matter.

A philosophy: you for all good, all for your own good.

Management idea: system oriented to service, to obey.

Service concept: sincerity oriented to demand as the center.

Employment concept: training is a key, use good people, have a value.

Is net income, saving concept: province section is a virtue.

Development philosophy: based on the spirit of innovation, strives for perfection the manufacturing, centering on the principles of sustainable development.

Quality concept: standard decision level, character decision products.

Brand concept: there is power (Able) a win-win environment (Nature) that (as), cool charm (Impressive)

Competition concept: beyond the competition, and yourself.

Survival philosophy: in prosperity, adversity redouble our efforts, with is king.

Concept: "with Ann for sanitary ware, do good lover", Ann for standard, global sharing.