Since 2006, he came to China, sanitary ware production base established, and the famous Italian designer, hand in hand to Italian art atmosphere, the most advanced design concept transplantation in China. Constant innovation and beyond, the pursuit of perfect product quality, dedicated to provide people with contracted, comfortable space that defend bath.

Power Ann Peter (ANBI) is a company specializing in the production of ceramic sanitary ware, bathtub, shower room and bathroom furniture, plumbing hardware sanitary ware accessory products such as integrated large-scale manufacturing enterprises. Set design, development, production, sales and service into one. And in foshan, Ann has hardware, bathroom cabinet, ceramic sanitary ware production base, with Ann he adopts international advanced tunnel kiln, fully automatic production line and semi-automatic grouting equipment, perfect laboratory and multichannel intelligent testing device. New standards and participate in the national health ceramic water unit, the national ceramics association director unit.

We have twenty years of experience in sanitary ware production, industry leading r&d technology, exquisite craft exquisite products. On the design of the products in pursuit of perfect and practical environmental protection performance, from the original design of the Italian cultural inspiration, all show contracted acme of modern life. Combined with human body engineering, aesthetic, etc., developed the urbane, atmospheric contracted sanitary ware products. Ann Peter condensed to develop work a number of high-quality management team, with strong technology and top product designer in Italy. And taking market demand as the guidance, grasps the market pulse, to provide more than the user expected value of a product or service as Ann for the service purpose of the brand.

Quality since he owns more than 40 patent products, products through a number of international and national certification, has now passed Australia (W) quality validation, plumbing energy-saving certification, CSA certification, the United States of North America CUPC certification, environmental certification of ceramic. In order to open the domestic market, with to the customer provides the high quality sanitary quality concept, we strictly according to ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and China national patent certification such as section water attestation. At the same time won the "China patent design and excellent enterprise" title, "one of the ten famous brands in China sanitary ware", "China well-known trademark" and so on many awards. By the international high-end quality requirements to ensure the quality of the products and services. Sales network has covered more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and successively with the international famous building material companies and supermarket stores, HOME DEPOT (HOME DEPOT), HOLA (house), ADEO house (anda), Intel LINK SA etc. Establish strategic cooperation partners.


Ann Peter sanitary ware is committed to create for huaxia "widely-known" brand, the company set up a marketing center in foshan, chaozhou both, and elite marketing team, "sincerity oriented, with demand as the center" the service idea, point of sale terminals to provide a full range of services to guide.

In April 2012 formally signed Chinese music art couple FuDiSheng, Ren Jing for brand image spokesperson, pay, ren's artistic temperament, connotation, personal achievement, recognition, and loves the public welfare undertakings, show the noble qualities of Ann Peter; Pay, teacher ren sincerity relative, caring "good lover" public image, as well as the plain life view, highlighted Ann he wei yu "peace of mind to enjoy, each other love" brand culture connotation and product demands.

Faith good faith is to be a person, also is enterprise management. Ann who has been trying to, in the enterprise management, management philosophy and corporate culture under the edification of the "with Ann for sanitary ware, do good lover" as the slogan of corporate branding. Will "take comfort, care for each other" as the enterprise culture. Will Ann he wei yu "widely-known" Chinese brand and goal, to create China's household building materials industry "than the first price" wei yu brand and make unremitting efforts.

Ann who has not forgotten mission, to promote a rational - new household life view. Brand building, not only pays special attention to the quality, the cultivation of the talent is the key. Ann Peter "training is a key, use good people, worthwhile" concept of choose and employ persons, increase the company's internal the hematopoietic function. More hope more friends to join, choose Ann and Ann, work together to have a better tomorrow!