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Power Ann Peter (ANBI) is a company specializing in the production of ceramic sanitary ware, bathtub, shower room and bathroom furniture, plumbing hardware sanitary ware accessory products such as integrated large-scale manufacturing enterprises. Set design, development, production, sales and service into one. And in foshan, Ann has hardware, bathroom cabinet, ceramic sanitary ware production base, with Ann he adopts international advanced tunnel kiln, fully automatic production line and semi-automatic grouting equipment, perfect laboratory and multichannel intelligent testing device. New standards and participate in the national health ceramic water unit, the national ceramics association director unit.

We have twenty years of experience in sanitary ware production, industry leading r&d technology, exquisite craft exquisite products. On the design of the products in pursuit of perfect and practical environmental protection performance, from the original design of the Italian cultural inspiration, all show contracted acme of modern life. Combined with human body engineering, aesthetic, etc., developed the urbane, atmospheric contracted sanitary ware products. Ann Peter condensed to develop work a number of high-quality management team, with strong technology and top product designer in Italy. And taking market demand as the guidance, grasps the market pulse, to provide more than the user expected value of a product or service as Ann for the service purpose of the brand.

  • 15,0000
    Product warehouse capacity 100000-150000 pieces, super
    large storage,ensure supply
  • 150,0000
    The annual output is more than 1500000 pieces, including ceramics, bathroom cabinets, hardware plumbing
  • 20,0000
    Covering a total area of 200000 square meters, the workshop covers an area of 80000 square meters
  • 3+3+3
    Three full-automatic tunnel kilns, three full-automatic mechanical arms for glaze application and three full-automatic high-pressure grouting

Enterprise honor

and quality assurance

Even though we live in a world of high technology and automation, when it comes to the high quality requirements of product design and function, we still highly depend on people's exquisite craftsmanship. Caesar has retained a large number of handcrafts to ensure the high standard of products. This applies to the manufacture of ceramics, as well as all other areas of production of ANBI.

Brand interpretation

The strong point of ANBI bathroom is its design which ahead of its time ,creating the trend,and blending Italian design style that promoted the idea of simple,comfortable.Standing on provide a simple,comfortable bathroom space based,fully underlines the simplicty and fashion,nature and taste which is the beauty of ANBI design.AIBI trying its best to break up the tradition,looking for innovation,in order to build a word-class brand of sanitary ware.The maketing team of ANBI composed of elites with advanced sanitary marketing idea,to provide more than the user expected value and serice as an aim of branded service,and a comprehensive good service for you!


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