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The dignified and elegant high-grade ash exudes mysterious charm; the 176 square meter exhibition hall allows you to enjoy yourself. When you enter w2b37 hall, you will have an indissoluble relationship with anbi.

the 23rd Shanghai international kitchen and bathroom exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 5-8, 2018. As a senior enterprise participating in the sixth exhibition, anbi bathroom will be presented with a unique fashion and simple style. In the countdown to 2 days, new concept media (Zhongjie Chaozhou) entered anbi bathroom, bringing you the latest front-line information.

it is reported that in the past year, anbi sanitary ware has been continuously forging ahead, improving production equipment, greatly improving product quality and production efficiency, and has been recognized and affirmed by the world's top brands. It has become the drafting unit of China's national standards for sanitary ceramics, the drafting unit of mandatory national standards for water efficiency limit value and water efficiency grade of toilets, and the drafting unit of sanitary ware & nbsp; Intelligent toilet is a national standard drafting unit, one of the top 100 Chinese kitchen and bathroom brand enterprises, and an OEM strategic OEM factory with international famous brands. It is also honored as a brand in China by virtue of its outstanding strength.

in 2018, anbi family will continue to work together, forge ahead, innovate, and strive to provide consumers with higher quality products and more convenient shopping methods. In this Shanghai exhibition, anbi bathroom takes "combined bathroom cabinet" as the main new product, puts forward the concept of "giving full play to the storage function of the bathroom and optimizing the layout of functional areas", and leads the majority of consumers to feel how anbi makes full use of the bathroom space and appreciate the beautiful and fashionable storage skills.

in addition, Xiaobian learned that anbi bathroom will bring great benefits to dealers and consumers, and invited legendary e-commerce figures to disclose the new retail mode of the bathroom industry on the spot. In recent years, the new retail mode has attracted much attention in the bathroom industry, and this time it can be unveiled. Xiaobian is also full of expectations. I believe that this unique sharing meeting will definitely bring different feelings and experiences to the bathroom people.

it's an opportunity. On June 5-8, 2018, let's meet in Shanghai, walk into anbi and start a new journey!


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