Anbi bathroom will meet you at Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition 2019

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Shanghai beach is a collection of high-quality products, competing for glory! On May 27-30, 2019, the 24th China (Shanghai) kitchen and bathroom exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Here, you can see the new trend of kitchen and bathroom from the perspective of quality products, design and trend.

This year, anbi bathroom is facing home furnishings and tooling channels. It will attack aggressively in < strong > w2b37 (< strong > < strong > booth number < / strong > < strong >) < strong > and what wonderful presentations will be made on the exhibition site. The small part will be the first spoiler for you!


The Anbe exhibition hall of this Shanghai exhibition is designed with the most popular light luxury and high-grade gray as the main color. According to the product category, the exhibition area is divided into exclusive display areas, and the real scene model rooms of different application scenes are set, with lights interspersed and embellished, full of experience, to create a simple and elegant healthy living space.



Aiming at the two investment channels of home decoration and tooling, anbi bathroom has made two major improvements this year:

< strong > [1] home decoration series: < / strong > from "free combination light customization" last year to "non-standard customization" this year, it can meet the needs of home decoration industry, especially designers, and meet the modern young main style. The key is to pursue the customization speed and price, and to increase the speed and reduce the cost still does not lose the grade.

< strong > [2] < strong > < strong > tooling series: < strong > this year, we will adjust some tooling products more specifically, and issue the national test report on the standard performance of tooling products, which is more authoritative and competitive. With a number of traditional advantages of ceramic products, we have introduced a series of matching products, such as double induction washing valve with sewage separation, one button membrane changing public toilet cover, bubble deodorizing toilet, children's public supporting facilities, etc. More complete categories, better structure, breakthrough to improve the project tender, improve the software and hardware, assist agents to promote the project order.


It is reported that anbi bathroom will bring a number of new products to the show. In order to maintain the sense of mystery, Xiaobian will sell you a key here first. For more highlights, please go to the scene and uncover one by one!

May 27-30,

Shanghai New International Expo Center,

Anbi bathroom < strong > w2b37 < / strong > booth,

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